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The Band

Rock Residue was born in March of 1982 as a "one time" band put together to play for a 60's party for a group of Oregonian employees. After the party some of us in the band decided that we were having so much fun that we'd just keep the band together and see what would happen. The rest, as they say, is history or, in our case, ancient history.

Over the years many musicians have come through the band, but our current lineup is one of the best:

Glenn Breniman -

rhythm and lead guitar. Sometimes known as the Rhythm Master, Glenn has been with the band since the beginning.

Brian Trainer -

lead guitar, keyboards.

Shane Sasnow -

dynamite front man with great vocal skills from the Berkley School of Music.

Alan Gerdes -

bass, sound. Alan covers the bottom with his driving bass and the front end with his crisp sound system.

Laurie Mills -

recently joined, after a number of years with the band Centerline. Her voice, both in leads and harmonies, has elevated the vocal quality of the band considerably.

Al Brown -

drums. An original member of the band, Al (along with Alan) provides the solid beat that the rest of the band relies on.


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